Who is Luke Barnes and why should you care?

To put it simply I am an average Joe who has loved movies and tv his whole life. I listen to several podcasts and reviews every day and what I have to offer is not very common. I have discovered most often there are two types of reviewers. One is the knowledgeable critic who knows every detail about everything and is smarter than everyone and very rarely does he/she come across a video that is worth their time(very negative). The other is the young “man or woman” that suffers from what I call the “Michael Bay effect”. In other words as long as the language is foul, the nudity is often, and explosions happen frequently then every film they watch is epic and the greatest movie ever! What I have to offer is the fact that I truly embrace originality and appreciate unknown actors and films. I am a man who enjoys new film experiences and when I am faced with watching something that is bad, I will still look for something good in it. So come on this journey with me and help me discover what is worth watching.

Schedule and Goal.

Once I get this show up and running on a regular basis I plan on posting content every Sunday morning by 10 am CST. My goal is to view new released Netflix Originals in a timely manner and give you a review and spoilers to help you decide if its worth your time or not.